The Great V&Q Books 2022 Subscription

A chance to read all our 2022 titles before they hit the bookshops.

For only £50/€60 you’ll receive our next five books one month before publication.

In early March ‘22:

Love Novel – Ivana Sajko, tr. Mima Simić

Putin’s Postbox – Marcel Beyer, tr. Katy Derbyshire

52 Factory Lane – Selim Özdoğan, tr. Ayça Türkoğlu and Katy Derbyshire

In early September ‘22:

2 x Secret Titles (we’ll update you in the spring!)

If you’re sending our books as a gift, let us know and we’ll hand-write a postcard with a note from you.

(Please note, no new tote bags will be produced/harmed in the making of these books.)


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