Translator’s Postscript: Mithu and Myths and You and Me

IDENTITTY A blog by Pay-no-attention-to-that-person-behind-the-curtain! About me: After finishing this novel, I drank a cup of tulsi sweet rose tea – a herbal infusion, actually, since it didn’t include real tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). The front of the box told me it’s ‘Stress Relieving & Magical*,’ the left side said, ‘the fragrant essence of Rose

Playfulness and Liberty in Translation: An Interview with Alta L. Price

Gemma Craig-Sharples talks with Alta L. Price about her recent translation of Identitti (by Mithu Sanyal), joy in writing, and walking the fine line. Gemma: How did you come to Identitti? Alta: I had read part of it in German and heard buzz about in Germany, and then Jeffrey Zuckerman, a fellow translator who works