Shipping Conditions

Cancellations, refunds and returns policy

If you would like to change or cancel your order please contact us via email to Please quote your order number and order date.

If your order arrives damaged please send an email to the above address and we will send an undamaged copy.

Delivery policy

You can order books and e-books via this website. Physical products will be sent either from the UK by Royal Mail to UK addresses, or from Germany by Deutsche Post to addresses in the EU. Shipping is free to UK and EU addresses. Shipping to Switzerland and other international addresses costs €3.50. Ebooks are of course sent free of charge by email to any location. There is no need to set up a customer account to order. Payment is via Paypal, at the end of your order.

How to order

Add the book you would like to order to your cart by clicking “add to cart”. When you then click “cart” on the top left, you’ll see the products you have selected and the quantities. Step 1 of 2: enter billing address and a different shipping address, if required. Step 2: All order details will be shown; you have an opportunity to sign up to our newsletter; and you will see a box to confirm information on cancellation. Confirm your order by clicking “order now”. You will receive an automatic email confirming our receipt of your order. Another email will be sent on dispatch of your order.

We save the sales data (the specific order data such as book purchased, price, our and your data such as name, postal address and email address). We are happy to send you this data at any time. The information is formulated in German.