“That’s my job as a writer.” Karosh Taha on her work

Katy Derbyshire talks to Karosh Taha about her writing, the novel In the Belly of the Queen, and hopes for the future. Katy: Hello Karosh – where are you answering these questions right now?  Karosh: I’m in Zaxo, where I’m researching my third novel. Katy: Do you have a special writing place? Karosh: I don’t

Annie Rutherford on translating The Peacock

Translator Annie Rutherford tackled the impressive challenge of rendering Isabel Bogdan’s The Peacock – set in the Scottish Highlands but written in German – into English. Here, she talks to Gemma Craig-Sharples about how she went about it. How did you come to The Peacock? I was very lucky – V&Q’s publisher Katy Derbyshire actually

The Blacksmith’s Daughter: Author and Translators in Conversation

with Selim Özdoğan, Katy Derbyshire Selim Özdoğan’s The Blacksmith’s Daughter was translated by Ayça Türkoğlu and Katy Derbyshire. The translation having been a collaborative process, we decided to conduct our interview in a similar way, in this case via Google Docs. This interview was first published in Jahrbuch Türkisch-Deutsche Studien. Selim: When did you two

Sandra Hoffmann: Speaking Helps

Sandra Hoffman and her translator Katy Derbyshire on their book Paula, on music, the big wide world and the power of speaking. Katy: In Paula, you write about the time in your teenage years when you started listening to records. A lot of them were in English – Alan Parsons Project, Ralph McTell, Simon & Garfunkel –