Translator’s Note

Mima Simic ©Bronwyn Lewis

Translator’s Postscript: Mima Simić on Ivana Sajko’s Love Novel

Translator Mima Simić Book cover and author Ivana Sajko There’s a game I sometimes play in Berlin with my friends, expats from the country formerly known as Yugoslavia; we call it the Poverty Pentathlon. We rummage through our childhoods to come up with the most ridiculous – yet always true! – episodes of growing up

Translator’s Note: Abigail Wender on Iris Hanika’s The Bureau of Past Management

Sometimes books come with translators attached, and that was the case with The Bureau of Past Management. Before we even considered publishing it, Abigail Wender had already been brave enough to take on the daunting task of rendering this linguistically complex book into beautiful and intricate English – with great dedication and success. Here, she

Translator’s Note: Katy Derbyshire on Sandra Hoffmann’s Paula

Our third translator’s note is by publisher-translator-blogmistress Katy Derbyshire, who enjoys referring to herself in the third person – another from our very first batch of books. Here, she asks the question: is anything really untranslatable? The story of Paula’s translation is a long one. I first came across Sandra Hoffmann’s book when it won

Translator’s Note: Sinéad Crowe on Daughters

Next up in our series of translators’ notes is Sinéad Crowe, who translated Lucy Fricke’s great European road novel Daughters for our very first season. The joys and challenges of rendering humour are something many literary translators can relate to – along with anyone who’s ever tried to re-tell a joke to a new audience…

Translator’s Note: Annie Rutherford on The Peacock

At V&Q Books, we’re proud of our translators and believe they should be seen and heard. So we’re sharing the notes they write for us, also published at the back of each book – as a resource for other translators, from aspiring to established, and to help non-translators understand the nature of their work. First