Birgit Weyhe

‘Not just for fans of graphic novels, but for anyone who has ever felt different.’ Priscilla Layne. Published 29 April 2024. The white German graphic novelist Birgit Weyhe teaches at a US college through an academic exchange programme. At a conference of American Germanists in the Midwest, she is accused of cultural expropriation. Is she

  • Rude Girl
    Book 20.00 GBP
    29 April 2024
Birgit Weyhe

‘This book is a great document and a monument to the injustice that befell me and other contract workers in East Germany.’ Emiliano Chaimite Madgermanes is what the Mozambican workers once contracted out to East Germany are called today. At the end of the 1970s, some 20,000 of them were sent from the People’s Republic

  • Madgermanes
    Book 15.99 GBP
    Graphic novel
    B-format paperback
    1 October 2021